2017 Calander


Happy New Year for NOAS! 2017 will hopefully be a year of revival with
the normal club runs, some mod days, and other organized events. In
that vein, it is time for the annual membership drive. The two level
format from last year will continue and the benefits will remain the

Membership $20:
- 2 Single color NOAS logo Stickers.
- 1 raffle ticket to the NOAS Members only raffle.
- Entry to the Members only run (covering group fees for pavilion/camping/etc)
- Meal on Saturday night at the Members only run

Club Officers

President/Event Coordinator - Dylan(04silverX)

Vice President - Jed(Frontier4x4Jed)

Treasurer/Membership Coordinator - Christopher(OnlyOneDR)

Technical Coordinator - Josh(Nitroman15)

Promotions Manager - Kevin(burgpath)


Tread Lightly!



About NOAS

Who are we?

NOAS is an offroad club dedicated to Nissans and offroad adventure while taking the "tread lightly!" concept to heart. We respect the trails as it is a privilege that we are able to enjoy and without taking care of it, we would lose it along with the great opportunties that it presents for our community. We have two basic rules for NOAS members:

  • You must own a Nissan truck or SUV
  • You must love to wheel it.