About NOAS

Who are we?

NOAS is an offroad club dedicated to Nissans and offroad adventure while taking the "tread lightly!" concept to heart. We respect the trails as it is a privilege that we are able to enjoy and without taking care of it, we would lose it along with the great opportunties that it presents for our community. We have two basic rules for NOAS members:

  • You must own a Nissan truck or SUV
  • You must love to wheel it.

What are we about?

We stay active in the 4x4 community providing four regular runs a year and several other small runs inbetween. We also make an effort to get out and give our support in trail clean ups.

The four runs we hold are as follows:

Harlan, KY (

River Rock, GA for our members only run (

Coal Creek, TN (

Uwharrie National Forest, NC (

These runs are very exciting on and off the trails. We spend most of the time trail riding but the entertaining nights around the campsite are not to be missed either.

How do I join?

That's a great question! Just visit our membership page or contact our membership coordinator for all the details.