NOAS 2005 Fall Run @ Uwharrie National Forrest was a success!

Well, as usual, with many months of banter about where and when were going to have our fall run had begun. Once we had made up our minds, then the usual poking and prodding of the different mods and trails that were going to be concurred.

This started a bit different this year. Usually people start to show at the camp on Wednesday or Thursday, but this year that didn't happen till Friday. As of about 5:30 pm, there were only 4 trucks there. It wasn't long that the rest started to file into the camp ground. Meeting old friends from previous runs, and also getting a chance to meet and greet the many new comers that showed up. There were a couple of midnight mods that got done as well. Everyone was a bit worried that Patrick hadn't made it after the midnight hour like he had planned. Later found out that he had a tire come apart on the road. He got it fixed and showed up the next morning. Not to mention the sound of the generator working away on keeping light on in the 720 motorhome.

Saturday morning we woke to the smell of breakfast being cook at the different tents. The line up started soon after, with everyone getting split off into different groups.

The hard core group started out first and we headed off to the trails. A total of five Nissans were in this group ( 2 Frontiers, a Pathfinder, a Hardbody, and an Xterra). All was going well as we got on Daniel and started up. On the first right hander that we came to, the Pathfinder lost a CV joint. We got them turned around and headed back to camp. Not to far past that, Brock in the Xterra sheared of the bolts in his hub. Upon where we tried to do a trail fix to no avail. He decided he would try to continue.

We got under way again, and soon made it to the ledge. The Smurf and Nate in the other frontier made it up without any troubles. Next up was Kelly's Hardbody (clutch was fubarred before we started out). He made a couple of attempts at the ledge, but with his clutch problems decided (after much prodding from his wife) to head back to camp. At this point, Brock made the same decision.

So, after about 20 minutes on the trail, the Hard core group had dwindled to the 2 Frontiers!! Undaunted by the mishaps that had taken place to that point, we finished up Daniel. The Frontiers did extremely well.

From Daniel, we headed up Rock Mount to Kodak Rock. When we got to Kodak Rock, we had to stop and let some others that were there first go through it. They had some pretty well built Yota's and an S10 Blazer (more on this one later). As we walked up to watch them and pick our lines, we met up with Brent's group. We decided to tag-a-long with them for the rest of the day.

Finally it was our turn to play on Kodak rock!! Smurf had first shot, and made Budwiser rock with no problems. Now it was time to get my pics on everyone's favorite rock. Got the front tires up without any problems and got the pics to that go with it. I then decided to see if I could go over. Well I made it over (May be the first Nissan to actually go over Kodak Rock), although it was the specific line I would have liked. I slide off to the left side of it.

Nate didn't tackle Kodak Rock, but came up through the rock garden. Not sure exactly when it happened, but seems as he messed up his steering just a bit. Needless to say, a little "redneck engineering" and we got under way again.

Since Brent's group didn't get to do Daniel yet, we decided to run it with them again. At the point, the Smurf picked up a rider as Mathew in the QX4 ( yes an Infinity made it on the run) decided not to drive his truck up it.

Since the Smurf had a winch, it was decided that I should go first. We made it back to that ledge again, and I made it with no problem. Next was Nate ( remember steering prob eariler??), he gave it his best shot.... But, was not able to turn left at the top as needed!! If not for the tree on the right side of his truck, and the hole that set him on the ground things could have been terrible.

We broke out the tow strap and got him on the trail again. Everyone else made it without incident except Wills Sammy. He gave it one shot, and rather than roll it decided to winch up the ledge.

Headed on up the trail till we got stopped by somebody else that was doing trail repairs. We go out to see if we could get past them to continue on. As we are walking up to check on the status of the trail, we were asked if we could help winch out someone that was Broken. To which we said ok. Upon determining that we could get through, me and Nate started up to help out the others.

It seems that the S10 Blazer from eariler was the one that needed help and was stuck in the bypass that others needed to get up this section of trail. Seems that he broke his front hubs, and while trying to get up the bypass in 2-wheel drive (he was locked in the rear), he broke his driveshaft.

The Smurf and Nate headed up the trail to get him from the top side. Interestingly enough, Nate had to drive his Frontier like one of those cheap radio control cars in order to make it up ( you know the ones that only turn in reverse)!!

Once at the top, I hooked my winch up, and Nate hooked his truck to the back of mine. Upon trying to pull, we found that the Blazer was just too heavy, and started pulling us down the hill. At this point the truck from the eariler trail fix showed up. And we hooked up two winch line to the blazer and got it up the hill ( this was after we got call morons for the way we were trying to do the recovery). Once the recovery was complete, the guy in the Blazer made a point to come up to me and thank me for helping out.

We finished up the trail and headed back to camp. Fired up the BBQ pit provided by a sponsor and cooked up our own meats and what not. Good food and good tales from the trail provided great entertainment.

There was a group that wanted to do a night run, so we went ahead and did the Raffle. Again this year we had a bunch of great stuff (winners will be listed below). And everyone walked away with something.

Raffle winners are as follows:

  1. Mathew Johnson (infinitiqx4me )------------- Tow strap ( Auto Extras )
  2. Patrick ( irishsaint76 )--------------------------Hi-Lift ( Hi-lift )
  3. Kelly (Yotah8r )---------------------------------Hi-lift Isolator ( Hi-lift )
  4. Mike Small (msmall)----------------------------Small Masso Jet ( TJM )
  5. Brian (Piscator)----------------------------------Large Masso Jet (TJM)
  6. Anthony Fritts (mtngoatx)----------------------T-case Skid ( Ryan Gregor)
  7. Daniel ( Bigdan)----------------------------------Staun Deflators
  8. Others not mentioned, recieved Hats, t-shirts and stickers from Jackit
  9. Grand Prize Richard Zielke (Richardz_nc)-------------------$250 Gift Certificate ( AC /

Since the raffle was done, a group was put together to do a night run. This was nothing that was going to be too difficult, just some nice trails and comradery. It was decided to do Slab Pile and come down the hill climb on Dutch John.

We came to a halt as Richard was hearing a noise coming from his Frontier. Seems as something was loose, and the driveshaft was rubbing a hole in the Cat. Another trail fix and we were on our we again.

We came down the Hill climb one at a time without incident. A couple decided to try to go up the hill as well. The first attempt was a success, while the second did not succeed. With some careful spotting he got turned back around. From here we finished up the trail and headed back to camp.

The fire side antics went on as usual.... Nothing to spectacular as at some previous runs. There were some key players that were missing from the usual Marsh mellow wars!!

Sunday Morning, camp was astir with breakfast, and the members packing up for their respective rides home. It was great to have seen old friends and meet some of the new faces that were there.

The pictures from the run can be viewed in the gallery.


NOAS would like to thank all that were involved with making this run a success.

We would also like to thank the following sponsors that we had for the run:

  1. AC (
  2. TJM
  3. Kennesaw Mountain Accessories
  4. Hi-Lift
  5. Auto Extras
  6. Jack it