NOAS "Freeze Your Nutz Off" Open Winter Run 2008

Friday, February 22nd through Sunday, February 24th

Black Mountain Recreational Park - Harlan, KY

Anyone with a Nissan is invited to come, paid member or not.

NOAS 2006 first annual members only River Rock run.

It all started with one… Nate showed up Thursday afternoon. He promptly met Steve, the owner of River Rock. From that point on he knew this was a cool place. Steve was more than hospitable and offered free rein of the facilities which included a full repair shop, bathhouse with hot water showers and real toilets, bunk house that sleeps 4-8 depending on how cozy you want to get just incase the weather got nasty, electric outlets near all the camp sites and miles of trails.

NOAS 2006 Spring Run @ Harlan was a success!

Thursday, May 11th:

The first members arrived at the Black Mountain Offroad park on Thursday afternoon. It was determined the original campsite location's main entrance would most likely pose too much of a challenge of negotiating for noobs, so the location was changed to a site much farther into the offroad park.

NOAS 2005 Fall Run @ Uwharrie National Forrest was a success!

Well, as usual, with many months of banter about where and when were going to have our fall run had begun. Once we had made up our minds, then the usual poking and prodding of the different mods and trails that were going to be concurred.

NOAS 2005 Spring Run @ Coal Creek was a success!

It started with months of chitter chatter back and forth… who's showing up when and where are you coming from kinda thing. Finally the NOAS Coal Creek Spring Run of 2005 was here…and it was looking like it would be the largest yet